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Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified

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💫  This course is everything you need to become a better manifester. You’ll feel like you’re sitting down over coffee with your very own LoA coach. 💫

This course is for you if …

  • You’re interested in taking your LoA practice up a notch
  • You’re tired of a mixed bag of manifestations
  • You’re ready to manifest what you want more easily

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered as a beautifully designed 60-page PDF + MP3 audiobook. The modules are straightforward and simple. The teachings are easy to understand and easy to implement. And the beautifully designed guide is decidedly high vibe.

What is the audio included with the course?

The MP3 is an audio version of the course. If you prefer learning by listening, you’ll enjoy an hour+ of Jennifer narrating the course content.

What's the best way to do the course?

You can read the course PDF and/or listen to the audiobook MP3. Do the course at whatever pace feels good. You might enjoy a module a day or devour the entire course in one joyful afternoon. Be sure to answer the questions at the end of each module. These questions will help you connect the dots and apply what you’ve learned to your life.

What can I expect to learn?

Module 1: Manifesting 101: How Law of Attraction Works. In this module you’ll learn the 5 core principles you need to know to succeed with Law of Attraction.

Module 2: The Importance of Feeling Good. This module will help you pay attention to how you feel, reach for the relief of better-feeling thoughts, and prioritize feeling good.

Module 3: Ask and It Is Given: 3 Steps to Manifesting. This module offers a simple explanation of the three steps of manifesting along with how to avoid a common obstacle related to each step.

Module 4: How to Improve Your Point of Attraction. This module will help you stop doing things that lower your point of attraction and start showing up in ways that raise your vibration.

Module 5: Common Blocks to Manifesting. In this module you’ll find six common blocks to manifesting—along with a super simple solution for remedying each manifesting block.

What will help me apply what I'm learning in the course?

Each module includes:

  • A one-page worksheet to help you apply what you’ve learned
  • The Law of Attraction Coach Is In: An excerpt from a real life coaching session
  • A visually appealing printable of the key takeaway from the module

Why did you create this course?

I created Manifest with Ease because this is the course I wish I’d had when I started my LoA journey. This course teaches 28 core essentials of Law of Attraction. By learning and applying these basics, you’ll be able to leverage Law of Attraction and manifest with ease.

How did you decide these are the 28 core essentials of Law of Attraction?

I distilled these 28 core essentials from hundreds of hours of study, reading dozens and dozens of books about Law of Attraction, listening to Abraham for countless hours, doing so many fun LoA experiments in my own life, and coaching clients through the lens of Law of Attraction.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of these products, I do not offer refunds. Please purchase with consideration.

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The course is delivered as a beautifully designed 60-page PDF + MP3 audiobook.

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Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified

7 ratings
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